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Human Development (Grades 11-12)

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Human Development

On the 28th day of embryonic development, the human brain most resembles
  1. a hollow tube
  2. a shallow plate
  3. a series of increasingly larger rectangles
  4. the shape of a fried egg
  5. a series of ridges
Fetal development occurs over nine months. The nine months are divided into
  1. one monomester
  2. two semesters
  3. three trimesters
  4. four quartesters
What is the fine downy pigmented hair that appears on the fetus in the last three months of development?
  1. lanugo
  2. vellus
  3. terminal
  4. cilia
In humans, pregnancy, also called                          lasts for approximately 266 days.
Which of the following does NOT occur during the first trimester of human development?
  1. formation of the blastocyst
  2. formation of the placenta
  3. complete lung maturation
  4. gastrulation of the gastrula
Why is the first trimester a time of extreme sensitivity for the fetus to environmental risk factors?

When is the best time for a doctor to conduct an ultrasound to determine how well the baby has developed?
  1. During the first part of the first trimester.
  2. During the last part of the first trimester.
  3. During the third trimester.
  4. During the middle of the second trimester.
Which of these occurs during the third trimester of human development?
  1. the kidneys produce urine
  2. implantation of the blastocyst occurs
  3. the fetal limbs elongate
  4. fingers and toes become obvious
What is the term that describes the baby after fertilization has occurred but before implantation?
  1. a fetus
  2. an embryo
  3. a zygote
  4. a blastocyst
When limbs are first formed, they appear as stubs, lacking fingers and toes. However, as development proceeds, the individual digits begin to appear. What is the process that causes the digits to form and how does it work?

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