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Plants Known as Bryophytes (Grades 11-12)

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Plants Known as Bryophytes

Which type of plant represents the most ancient group of surviving land plants?
  1. liverworts
  2. hornworts
  3. mosses
  4. ferns
Which characteristic is NOT found in all groups of land plants?
  1. chlorophyll a
  2. starch as the storage of carbohydrates
  3. embryos developing under the protection of a parent plant
  4. accessory pigment called phycoerythrin
Which adaptation did plants need to survive on land?
  1. waxy cuticle
  2. carbohydrate energy-storage molecule
  3. diploid form that produces haploid gametes
  4. way for water to be transported around the body
How do bryophytes survive on land without having true leaves, stems, or roots?
  1. They live in moist environments.
  2. They have a thick cuticle to prevent water loss.
  3. They are so small that minerals can diffuse directly into their bodies.
  4. both b and c
In bryophytes, the green structure that is usually visible to the naked eye is the                              stage of the life cycle.
What is the branched structure that mosses produce after spore germination has happened?
  1. antheridium
  2. capsule
  3. protonema
  4. microphyll
In which group of bryophytes did stomata first appear?
  1. hornworts
  2. mosses
  3. liverworts
  4. club mosses
During which part of the alternation of generations life cycle of bryophytes are spores produced?
  1. meiosis
  2. mitosis
  3. fertilization
  4. gametophyte
Why do plants, such as bryophytes, need to have liquid water present in order for sexual reproduction to occur?

Why is it most common to find mosses and other bryophytes growing on the north side of rocks and trees (in the northern hemisphere)?

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