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The Echinoderms (Grade 10)

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The Echinoderms

What does the term "echinodermata" mean?
  1. jointed leg
  2. spiny skin
  3. multiple eyes
  4. head-foot
Which organism is NOT a member of the phylum Echinodermata?
  1. sea cucumber
  2. sea star
  3. sea biscuit
  4. sea anemone
Specifically, what type of symmetry do members of the Echinodermata exhibit?
  1. asymmetry
  2. pentaradial symmetry
  3. radial symmetry
  4. bilateral symmetry
What structure do echinoderms use to pump water into and out of their bodies?
  1. madreporite
  2. ambulacral groove
  3. tube feet
  4. ring canal
The structures echinoderms use for locomotion are called                         .
In echinoderms, sexes are separate and it is very easy to determine the male from the female.
  1. True
  2. False
What feeding mechanism do echinoderms use to get energy?
  1. They are producers.
  2. They are herbivores.
  3. They are predators.
  4. They are filter-feeders.
The location on a sea star's body where the tube feet are located is called the                                         .
What is the network of canals that moves water and nutrients around an echinoderm's body and also provides the power for the tube feet to function?
  1. radial canal system
  2. water vascular system
  3. incomplete digestive system
  4. open circulatory system
How do sea star tube feet attach to the substrate?

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