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Introduction to the Periodic Table (Grade 10)

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Introduction to the Periodic Table

How did Mendeleev arrange the Periodic Table?
  1. atomic number
  2. atomic mass
  3. oxidation state
  4. electron configuration
Which feature on the Periodic Table is used to identify an element?
  1. atomic mass
  2. charge
  3. group
  4. atomic number
Which two elements on the Periodic Table prove that elements are not arranged in order of increasing atomic mass?
  1. oxygen and fluorine
  2. carbon and nitrogen
  3. germanium and arsenic
  4. tellurium and iodine
Which feature determines the chemical properties of an element?
  1. the group number
  2. the period number
  3. the number of valence electrons
  4. the atomic number
Which element is liquid and a strong conductor of heat and electricity at room temperature?
  1. mercury
  2. sodium
  3. nickel
  4. lithium
What happens to the number of valence electrons going across Period 2 in order of increasing atomic number?
  1. The number of valence electrons increases and decreases across the period.
  2. The number of valence electrons increases.
  3. The number of valence electrons decreases.
  4. The number of valence electrons remains the same.
Using the blank Periodic Table, which of the following groups can be classified as a noble gas?
Periodic Table - No Labels
  1. A
  2. J
  3. B
  4. I
Element X combines with oxygen to form a compound with the formula XO. Element X is in the same group as which element?
  1. Al
  2. B
  3. Ca
  4. Zn
Explain why calcium and magnesium bond in a similar way.

Explain why argon and neon generally do not form compounds with other elements.

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