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Energy through an Ecosystem - Consumers (Grade 10)

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Energy through an Ecosystem - Consumers

What is another term for those organisms that are considered consumers in an ecosystem?
  1. producers
  2. autotrophs
  3. decomposers
  4. heterotrophs
Which organism occupies the top consumer position?
Food Web Without Text Labels
  1. mushrooms
  2. hawk
  3. mouse
  4. snake
What type of consumer relies on dead carcasses for its energy requirements?
  1. herbivore
  2. scavenger
  3. decomposer
  4. omnivore
Which type of consumer is the organism shown in the picture?
Pictograph - Snake
  1. scavenger
  2. carnivore
  3. herbivore
  4. detritivore
The word "autotroph" comes from the Greek words meaning "self" and "food." Based upon this information, what does the term "heterotroph" mean?
  1. "other feeder"
  2. "food destroyer"
  3. "energy maker"
  4. "self energy"
Earthworms feed on rotting materials on the forest floor, making them                                of an ecosystem.
Consumers that get energy from both plant and animal sources are called                         .
No matter how many steps a food chain contains, how many organisms there are, or where the food chain is located, every food chain will always end with
  1. predators.
  2. detritivores.
  3. carnivores.
  4. decomposers.
Which consumer gets the most benefit from the energy of the Sun?
Food Web Without Text Labels
  1. mouse
  2. mushroom
  3. snake
  4. hawk
Carnivores kill and eat other animals. However, hunting and chasing prey takes a lot of energy. If carnivores are using so much energy to find and capture their food, it hardly seems worth all the effort. What is the advantage of eating meat instead of plants?

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