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Homeostasis (Grades 11-12)

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What is homeostasis?
  1. fluctuation between very high and low values
  2. ingestion of enough food to satisfy hunger
  3. tendency of the body to maintain a stable environment
  4. ability to remain within certain limited ranges
How does negative feedback lead to homeostasis?

Which statement about positive feedback is false?
  1. Positive feedback is observed more readily than negative feedback.
  2. Positive feedback reaches a limit at which it terminates quickly.
  3. Positive feedback amplifies the response.
  4. Positive feedback is exemplified by sexual behavior.
As fruit ripens it emits a chemical called ethylene, which attracts fruit flies. The flies damage the fruit, causing more odor to be released. As this happens, more flies are attracted to the fruit. Of what response is this an example?
  1. positive feedback
  2. negative feedback
  3. homeostasis
  4. feedforward information
You are standing in line at a movie theater anxiously awaiting the opening of your favorite superhero movie. After an hour, you see the ticket taker moving towards the podium. With what has observing this action provided you?
  1. error signal
  2. positive feedback
  3. negative feedback
  4. feedforward information
Which structure does an elephant use to maintain an internal homeostatic environment?
  1. tail
  2. tusks
  3. trunk
  4. ears
Which scenario is an example of a negative feedback response?
  1. a mouse running away from a predator
  2. a baby shivering because it is cold
  3. a plant bending toward a light source
  4. a flower growing in a nutrient-rich soil
The frame of reference an organism's body uses to determine if there has been a deviation from normal processes is a                         .
The main mammalian body systems that are involved with the maintenance of a homeostatic environment include the                                    and the                                       .
What is an effector, and how is it related to homeostasis?

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