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Regulation of Gene Expression (Grades 11-12)

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Regulation of Gene Expression

In the bacterium Escherichia coli, the Iac operon causes the bacterium to produce certain enzymes only in the presence of lactose. Of what is this operon system is an example?
  1. gene mutation.
  2. gene regulation.
  3. gene duplication.
  4. gene differentiation.
What are homeotic genes?

How do negative regulation and positive regulation in bacteria differ?
  1. Only negative regulation involves the use of promoters.
  2. Only positive regulation involves the use of promoters.
  3. Transcription is reduced in negative regulation when the promoter is bound.
  4. Transcription is reduced in positive regulation when the promoter is bound.
Which statement about the trp operon is TRUE?
  1. The trp operon codes for proteins needed for tryptophan synthesis.
  2. The trp operon condes for proteins that metabolizes tryptophan.
  3. The trp operon activates only in the presence of tryptophan.
  4. The trp operon can be induced when tryptophan is present.
What is a similarity between an inducible and a repressible system of gene expression?

How does eukaryotic gene regulation differ from that of prokaryotic gene regulation?
  1. Prokaryotic gene regulation has no positive control.
  2. Prokaryotic gene regulation has no negative control.
  3. Prokaryotes undergo transcription and translation in the same location, while eukaryotes perform them in different locations.
  4. Prokaryotes use different locations for transcription and translation, while eukaryotes perform them in the same location.
If a mutation in a silencer makes it more difficult for it to bind, which of the following is most likely to occur?
  1. There will be a large increase in the transcription rates for most genes.
  2. The rate of transcription for a certain gene located near the silencer will be reduced.
  3. A specific gene near the silencer will be transcribed all the time.
  4. Transcription rates of all genes will be greatly reduced.
The stable integration of bacteriophage DNA into a bacterial chromosome is referred to as                       .
The site on the operon DNA where a repressor binds is called the                        sequence.
What is genomic imprinting?

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