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Human Genetic Disorders (Grade 10)

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Human Genetic Disorders

Sickle cell anemia is a type of
  1. premature birth disorder.
  2. genetic disorder.
  3. gestational disorder.
  4. hormonal disorder.
Which is a symptom of sickle cell disease?
  1. reduced oxygen supply to the body's organs
  2. increased metabolic rate
  3. difficulty processing large quantities of proteins
  4. production of lower acidity stomach acid
What is the relationship between hemoglobin and sickle cell disease?

What is a symptom of someone who has a mutation that causes cystic fibrosis?
  1. They are unable to reproduce.
  2. They have difficulty breathing.
  3. They produce enormous amount of stomach acid.
  4. They get blotches all over their bodies.
Cystic fibrosis is caused by a mutation that causes the removal of a single amino acid of                                 , which causes the proteins to fold improperly.
Why is cystic fibrosis considered a recessive disorder?

What is the genetic disease that involves a repeating sequence of glutamine?
  1. Down's syndrome
  2. Huntington's disease
  3. sickle cell disease
  4. cystic fibrosis
How is the frequency of glutamine repeats in a person's genome related to the presence of Huntington's disease?

When non-disjunction occurs during meiosis, it is possible that                                  can occur if the cell ends up with an extra chromosome 21.
How is non-disjunction related to the presence of Klinefelter's syndrome?

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