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Mutations (Grade 10)

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What is the term for a heritable change in genetic information?
  1. mutation
  2. mitosis
  3. meiosis
  4. apoptosis
What type of mutation has occurred if the original sequence of DNA is CCC but is now CCA?
  1. frameshift mutation
  2. deletion mutation
  3. insertion mutation
  4. substitution mutation
What is a mutagen?
  1. a random change in the genetic sequence
  2. a chemical or physical agent that causes a change in the genetic sequence
  3. a method of manipulating DNA to make a change in the genetic sequence
  4. a heritable factor that causes a large change in the genetic sequence
What kind of mutation has occurred if the original sequence of nitrogen bases was CCGGTAC and the new sequence is CCGGTTAC?
  1. deletion mutation
  2. duplication mutation
  3. inversion mutation
  4. translocation mutation
What happens during an inversion mutation?
  1. A base or sequence of bases on the DNA strand is removed.
  2. Two or more nitrogen bases are moved from one part of the strand to another.
  3. One nitrogen base changes location with an adjacent nitrogen base.
  4. Several nitrogen bases appear more frequently than on the original strand.
What is an advantage of polyploidy in plants?

If two strands of DNA originally read AAAAAAA and CCCCCCC but after a mutation they read AAAAACC and CCCCCAA, what type of mutation has occurred?
  1. translocation
  2. inversion
  3. duplication
  4. deletion
All mutations result in negative effects on the organism.
  1. True
  2. False
A gene mutation that involves the change to one of a few nucleotides is known as a                  mutation.
What is an example of a harmful mutation involving human blood?

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