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DNA (Grade 10)

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What kind of structure is the molecule shown in the diagram?
  1. multi-strand
  2. ladder
  3. double helix
  4. double vertex
Which nitrogen bases pair up in a DNA molecule?
  1. A-T and C-G
  2. A-C and T-G
  3. A-U and G-C
  4. A-G and T-C
DNA replication occurs in
  1. the S phase of interphase in both somatic and reproductive cells.
  2. metaphase of meiosis only.
  3. the G1 phase of interphase in reproductive cells only.
  4. the cytokinesis portion of the cell's life cycle.
Which scientists are credited with discovering the physical structure of DNA?
  1. Watson and Crick
  2. Einstein and Crick
  3. Mendel and Watson
  4. Holmes and Watson
Nucleotides of DNA are composed of three substances, namely
  1. calcium, sugar, and nitrogen.
  2. sugar, phosphate, and nitrogenous base.
  3. sugar, hydrogen, and nitrogen base.
  4. phosphate, calcium, and nitrogenous base.
Which four nitrogenous bases are found in DNA?
  1. guanine, cytosine, adenine, thymine
  2. guanine, uracil, adenine, cytosine
  3. both a and b
  4. none of the above
A strand of DNA is exposed to intense heat. Which statement BEST describes what will happen to the strand of DNA?
  1. The chemical bonds of the DNA molecule will be broken.
  2. More nitrogen base pairs will add on to the DNA molecule.
  3. The chemical bonds of the DNA molecule will be strengthened.
  4. The nitrogen base pairs in the DNA molecule will switch places.
What is the role of hydrogen bonds in the structure of DNA?
  1. code for proteins
  2. synthesize proteins
  3. separate the strands
  4. connect the base pairs
DNA stands for                                                 .
In the diagram above, what sugar makes up the part of the structure labeled by the number 2?
  1. deoxyribose
  2. ribose
  3. starch
  4. glucose

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