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Identifying Landforms (Grade 9)

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Identifying Landforms

Use the word bank and landform diagram to fill-in-the-blanks below.

WORD BANK: peninsula, river mouth, rocks, hills, waterfall, mountain chain, plain, lake, island, plateau, volcano, ocean, bay, glacier, headwaters, cliff

Major Landforms
The                       , N, is bounded on one side by M, a                         .
Sediment from the eroding                                    at B, may wash down into the                       , C, below.
The river starts at E, also known as the                           , then flows over a                            at F, finally flowing through O, the                              and into L, the                   .
G is a                          located along the side of a                     .
Lava flows from the                       , A, and onto the                        below at J.
                     K is surrounded by water.
The alpine                        D, will advance and retreat over the underlying                       , H, as the seasons change.
Forrest covered                        at I, may be the weathered remains of once mighty mountains.

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