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Ocean Waves (Grade 10)

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Ocean Waves

Rouge waves form when there is destructive wave interference.
  1. True
  2. False
A breaker forms when wavelength                      and wave height                      as the wave nears the shore.
  1. decreases; increases
  2. increases; decreases
  3. decreases; decreases
  4. increases; increases
A result of wave refraction is
  1. wave energy is concentrated on headlands projecting into the water.
  2. wave energy is concentrated in the recessed areas between headlands.
  3. wave energy is largely dissipated before the wave reach the shore.
  4. headlands are enlarged as sediment is deposited on the seaward side.
Which of the following lists ocean waves from smallest to largest?
  1. seiches, chop, capillary waves, swells, tsunamis, tides
  2. swells, capillary waves, seiches, chop, tides, tsunamis
  3. capillary waves, chop, swells, seiches, tsunamis, tides
  4. chop, seiches, swells, capillary waves, tides, tsunamis
In a wave, water molecules
  1. move in circles that decrease in size with depth.
  2. move toward the shoreline.
  3. move in a vertical motion to the sea floor.
  4. don't move.
The majority of wave erosion occurs from
  1. the daily wave activity.
  2. deep sea currents.
  3. longshore currents.
  4. storm waves.
Which of the following does NOT affect wave height in deep water?
  1. wavelength
  2. wind speed
  3. wind duration
  4. fetch
Which of the following increases when a wave enters shallow water?
  1. wave speed
  2. wave height
  3. wave length
  4. wave period
Wave steepness is the ratio of
  1. wave height to wavelength.
  2. wavelength to speed.
  3. wave speed to wave period.
  4. wave period to height.
What is the difference between a wave and a current?

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