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Coastal Geology (Grade 9)

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Coastal Geology

The shape of the shoreline has only a small influence on the magnitude of the tides experienced at that location.
  1. True
  2. False
Are barrier islands stable places to build homes and hotels?
  1. Yes, they are stable.
  2. No, they are not stable.
An atoll would be an island formed by
  1. an underwater volcano.
  2. sediments deposited by a river.
  3. a coral reef.
  4. a projection from the mainland.
A small ridge of sand or gravel just offshore from a beach is called a                .
  1. dike
  2. bar
  3. moraine
  4. drumlin
The main process that forms a beach is                .
  1. weathering
  2. erosion
  3. deposition
  4. oxidation
What is a narrow, sandy island, formed from a large bar, lying off the coast of the mainland?
  1. key
  2. islet
  3. barrier island
  4. atoll
An example of land formed by wind deposits is a                .
  1. sand dune
  2. sea stack
  3. moraine
  4. mudflow
Estuaries are                    coastal basins that tend to be                    compared to other coastal geological features.
  1. old; long-lived
  2. old; short-lived
  3. young; long-lived
  4. young; short-lived
Which of the following are sources that tend to increase the volume of sand on a beach?
  1. cliff erosion, longshore transport, offshore transport
  2. river sediment, cliff erosion, longshore transport
  3. offshore transport, wind erosion, river sediment
  4. wind erosion, longshore transport, river sediment
Seawalls are often constructed along shorelines to protect property and infrastructure. Which describes a consequence of seawall presence?
  1. seawalls reduce coastal water energy
  2. seawalls trap sand and create beaches
  3. seawalls impede longshore drift of sediment
  4. seawalls increase sand erosion from coastlines
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