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Seafloor Spreading (Grade 9)

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Seafloor Spreading

Seafloor spreading is when new seafloor is formed when                   is forced upward.
  1. magma
  2. water
  3. soil
  4. calcium carbonate
                plates cause seafloor spreading when beneath an ocean.
  1. Convergent
  2. Divergent
  3. Transform
  4. Subduction
Of the answers below, which one is evidence of seafloor spreading?
  1. puzzle like fit of the continents
  2. magnetic reversal evident at mid-ocean ridges
  3. fossil evidence found in South America and Africa
  4. climate clues
Earth's internal process that drives seafloor spreading is
  1. fusion.
  2. radiation.
  3. convection.
  4. conduction.
Which scientist from the 1960s is credited with proposing the theory of seafloor spreading?
  1. Alfred Wegener
  2. Albert Einstein
  3. Charles Darwin
  4. Harry Hess
Which is the best estimate of seafloor spreading rates?
  1. 1 - 10 mm/yr
  2. 1 - 10 cm/yr
  3. 1 - 10 m/yr
  4. 1 - 10 km/yr
Due to seafloor spreading, oceanic crust is                 and sediment is                 on ocean ridge crests.
  1. old; thin
  2. old; thick
  3. young; thin
  4. young; thick
Which of these is NOT evidence for seafloor spreading?
  1. magnetic evidence from trapped iron
  2. ocean floor age
  3. rock shapes
  4. water temperature
Which process is seafloor spreading most closely associated with?
  1. erosion
  2. volcanism
  3. subduction
  4. metamorphism
Describe the process of the seafloor spreading.

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