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Lab Safety (Grade 9)

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Lab Safety

What should you do if you begin using a piece of glassware and discover it has a small chip or nick in it?

Wear                                    whenever you work with chemicals, glassware, heat sources such as burners or any substance that may get into your eyes.
What are the rules for working with chemicals in the class? (Select all that apply.)
  1. Dispose of all extra chemicals down the sink at the end of class.
  2. Know the safety precautions and hazards for all chemicals you are using before you start your lab.
  3. If you come in contact with a chemical substance, jump up and down and shake to get it off you.
  4. Wash the affected area immediately and thoroughly with water.
  5. If you get any chemicals in your eyes, rub them to make them tear.
  6. Do not touch your eyes, but wash them immediately and tell the teacher.
What type of hazard is indicated by the symbol?
Hazard Sign - Biohazard
  1. a chemical hazard
  2. a biohazard
  3. a radiation hazard
  4. a fire hazard
Which procedure should be followed if this symbol is seen in a science lab?
Hazard Sign - Electrical
  1. Your hands should be dry before touching the equipment.
  2. You need to have safety goggles on at all times.
  3. You should be wearing a protective apron before starting.
  4. You must refrain from eating in the laboratory.
What is the purpose of this safety sign?
Hazard Sign - Eye Face
  1. Students should wear a protective apron.
  2. Students should put on gloves.
  3. Students should put on goggles before starting.
  4. Students should read all directions before beginning.
What is the most likely outcome if this warning sign is ignored?
Hazard Sign - Radioactive
  1. A person may damage their skin.
  2. A person may damage their eyes.
  3. A person may electrocute themselves.
  4. A person may develop cancer.
For which type of lab activity would this warning sign be most prominent?
Hazard Sign - Sharp Instrument
  1. dissecting a fetal pig
  2. testing the law of gravity
  3. experimenting with a new medicine
  4. mixing several different chemicals
If this warning label is placed on the side of a chemical bottle, that means the contents are                         .
Hazard Sign - Explosive
You have been asked to perform some research in a lab that has this warning sign hanging on the wall. What steps will you take to protect yourself?
Hazard Sign - Fire

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