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Identifying Igneous Rocks (Grade 9)

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Identifying Igneous Rocks

Use the identification chart for igneous rocks to answer the questions.
Chart - Igneous Rocks
Which of the following igneous rocks has large crystals, forms inside Earth, and has a high mineral composition of iron and magnesium?
  1. pegmatite
  2. peridotite
  3. granite
  4. scoria
Mitchell is trying to identify an igneous rock sample and has narrowed it down to basalt or scoria. According to the chart, which property should Mitchell use to determine the name of the rock?
  1. color
  2. texture
  3. density
  4. composition
Which of the rocks listed on the chart has the largest crystal size?
  1. dunite
  2. obsidian
  3. pegmatite
  4. basaltic glass
According to the chart, diorite and andesite differ in
  1. density and texture.
  2. composition and density.
  3. texture and formation environment.
  4. formation environment and composition.
Diabase is                 dense than granite and has a coarser texture than                .
  1. more; basalt
  2. more; gabbro
  3. less; basalt
  4. less; gabbro
What rock is shown?
Rock - Igneous - Granite
  1. scoria
  2. gabbro
  3. granite
  4. andesite
What rock is shown?
Rock - Igneous - Basalt
  1. scoria
  2. basalt
  3. gabbro
  4. rhyolite
What rock is shown?
Rock - Igneous - Rhyolite
  1. pumice
  2. rhyolite
  3. diabase
  4. pegmatite
What rock is shown below?
Rock - Igneous - Obsidian
  1. scoria
  2. diorite
  3. dunite
  4. obsidian
What rock is shown?
Rock - Igneous - Scoria
  1. scoria
  2. pumice
  3. gabbro
  4. diorite
What rock is shown?
Rock - Igneous - Pumice
  1. scoria
  2. basalt
  3. pumice
  4. granite

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