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Identifying Sedimentary Rocks (Grade 9)

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Identifying Sedimentary Rocks

Use the identification chart for sedimentary rocks to answer the questions.
Chart - Sedimentary Rocks
Which rock would most likely have visible, small stones?
  1. shale
  2. siltstone
  3. limestone
  4. conglomerate
A stalactite that grew on the ceiling of a cave from water dripping and leaving behind minerals, would most likely be made of which of the following types of rock?
  1. shale
  2. breccia
  3. dolostone
  4. bituminous coal
Which of the following properties would be most helpful with distinguishing between sandstone and shale samples?
  1. texture
  2. grain size
  3. mineral composition
  4. formation environment
Which property would be most helpful in distinguishing between a breccia sample and a conglomerate sample?
  1. grain size
  2. grain shape
  3. presence of fossils
  4. mineral composition
Based on the chart, which statement is most true for rock gypsum?
  1. It is mainly comprised of one mineral.
  2. It usually contains small rock fragments.
  3. It always forms from organic matter.
  4. It is typically bioclastic in texture.
Aasif must identify a rock sample in his science class. When he looks at the rock, Aasif cannot see any grains, yet when he rubs it between his fingers he feels small grains. Which of the following rocks does Aasif most likely have?
  1. conglomerate
  2. sandstone
  3. siltstone
  4. breccia
What rock is shown?
Rock - Sedimentary - Shale
  1. shale
  2. breccia
  3. sandstone
  4. conglomerate
What rock is shown?
Rock - Sedimentary - Sandstone
  1. shale
  2. rock salt
  3. sandstone
  4. conglomerate
What rock is shown?
Rock - Sedimentary - Limestone
  1. limestone
  2. siltstone
  3. rock salt
  4. rock gypsum
What rock is shown?
Rock - Sedimentary - Conglomerate
  1. breccia
  2. siltstone
  3. dolostone
  4. conglomerate

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