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Types of Rocks (Grades 11-12)

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Types of Rocks

Marcelo needs to identify the rock shown.
Rock - Metamorphic - Quartzite
Which two properties should Marcelo examine to help him identify the rock?
  1. size and density
  2. density and texture
  3. color and composition
  4. texture and composition
Look at the two rock samples.
Rock - Igneous - GabbroRock - Igneous - Granite
Which statement is true for both rocks?
  1. Both samples exhibit foliated texture.
  2. Both samples were formed intrusively.
  3. Both samples were formed organically.
  4. Both samples are mafic in composition.
The sediments in the rock sample shown are best described as
Rock - Sedimentary - Conglomerate
  1. angular and sorted.
  2. rounded and sorted.
  3. angular and unsorted.
  4. rounded and unsorted.
Which rock sample formed from rapid cooling of molten material?
  1. Rock - Sedimentary - Shale
  2. Rock - Igneous - Gabbro
  3. Rock - Metamorphic - Slate
  4. Rock - Igneous - Obsidian
A geologist excavates an alternating sequence of light and dark shales. Which is the most likely depositional environment for the rock sequence?
  1. fluvial
  2. marine
  3. alluvial
  4. lacustrine
This rock most likely formed though                          and its major mineral component is                         .
Rock - Sedimentary - Limestone
  1. crystallization, calcite
  2. precipitation, quartz
  3. deposition, calcite
  4. metamorphism, quartz
Look at the rock shown.
Rock - Igneous - Scoria
At which location on the diagram would this rock most likely be formed?
Subduction Zone
  1. A
  2. C
  3. E
  4. G
Of the rocks listed below, which type would most likely have formed feature M on the diagram?
Geologic Cross Section 2
  1. shale
  2. basalt
  3. schist
  4. quartzite
Which rock below exhibits the highest grade metamorphism?
  1. Rock - Metamorphic - Gneiss
  2. Rock - Metamorphic - Slate
  3. Rock - Metamorphic - Marble
  4. Rock - Metamorphic - Schist
Which set of rocks would most likely be formed from the eruption of material from a fissure vent?
  1. Rock - Sedimentary - ConglomerateRock - Igneous - Basalt
  2. Rock - Igneous - BasaltRock - Igneous - Obsidian
  3. Rock - Igneous - GabbroRock - Sedimentary - Conglomerate
  4. Rock - Igneous - ObsidianRock - Igneous - Gabbro

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