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Topographic Map Worksheet (Grade 9)

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Topographic Map Worksheet

Use the topographic map shown below to answer the questions.
Topographic Map
If the contour interval is given in feet, which of the following is the contour interval for the map?
  1. 10 feet
  2. 20 feet
  3. 50 feet
  4. 100 feet
Which letter is located on an index contour line?
  1. A
  2. F
  3. G
  4. J
The landform located at C is best described as a
  1. hill.
  2. valley.
  3. canyon.
  4. mountain.
Between which two points listed below is the change in elevation approximately 35 feet?
  1. C and D
  2. F and G
  3. J and K
  4. I and L
G is                    of F and located at a                    elevation.
  1. upstream; lower
  2. upstream; higher
  3. downstream; lower
  4. downstream; higher
Which letter marks an area of depression?
  1. A
  2. F
  3. J
  4. L
Between which two letters is the steepest gradient?
  1. B and C
  2. D and C
  3. H and L
  4. I and L
If J is located at sea level, 0 feet, which is the best estimate of the elevation of K?
  1. 25 feet
  2. 50 feet
  3. 125 feet
  4. 300 feet
Which two points have the same elevation?
  1. A and H
  2. B and F
  3. F and H
  4. B and A
Which letters are arranged in order from lowest to highest elevation?
  1. A, H, I, D
  2. A, I, H, D
  3. D, H, I, A
  4. D, I, H, A

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