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Subduction Zone Diagram (Grade 9)

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Subduction Zone Diagram

Use the subduction zone diagram below to answer the questions.
Subduction Zone
What type of plate boundary is shown in the diagram?

What geologic feature is located at I?

What drives the plate motion at the subduction zone? Which letter represents this driving force?

Why does H subduct under C?

Which two letters represent locations where earthquakes are most likely to occur? Explain.

Volcanoes typically form along subduction zones, as shown by A. Name the type of volcano most likely to form at this location.
Volcano - Stratovolcano - Small

Compare the relative ages of the crust at I and J. Explain.

Which layer of Earth is represented by F?

Where would metamorphic rocks most likely be formed: A, E, G, or J? Why?

Henry says nuclear waste should be disposed at feature I on the diagram. Leo disagrees. Write one sentence that backs up Henry's point-of-view and a second sentence supporting Leo's stance.

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