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Lunar Surface (Grade 9)

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Lunar Surface

Use the image of the Moon to answer the questions.
Map of the Moon
The photo shows the                 side of the Moon, which is the hemisphere that faces                 Earth.
  1. far; away from
  2. far; toward
  3. near; away from
  4. near; toward
Which two Moon features are not labeled on the image?
  1. craters and maria
  2. valleys and craters
  3. maria and mountains
  4. mountains and valleys
What type of rock most likely dominates Mare Cognitum?
  1. basalt
  2. granite
  3. gabbro
  4. sandstone
Plato and Tycho are both
  1. mons.
  2. maria.
  3. craters.
  4. highlands.
Which was the landing location of Apollo 11, the first manned mission to land on the Moon?
  1. Tycho
  2. Copernicus
  3. Mare Crisium
  4. Mare Tranquillitatis
Copernicus is approximately 90 km in diameter. Which is the best estimate of the diameter of Eudoxus?
  1. 70 km
  2. 80 km
  3. 90 km
  4. 100 km
Which geological event most likely formed Mare Nubium?
  1. tectonic uplift
  2. impact cratering
  3. recent volcanic activity
  4. ancient volcanic activity
Based on the image, which feature has the highest albedo?
  1. Plato
  2. Tycho
  3. Grimaldi
  4. Stevinus
Which lunar mare appears to be the largest in diameter?
  1. Imbrium
  2. Humorum
  3. Serenitatis
  4. Tranquillitatis
What are the lines radiating out from Tycho?
  1. lava flows
  2. river channels
  3. ejecta material
  4. mountain ranges

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