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Hubble Sequence (Grade 9)

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Hubble Sequence

Use the diagram below to answer the questions.
Hubble Sequence #1
Young galaxies are located on the left side of the diagram and older galaxies fall on the right side of the diagram.
  1. True
  2. False
S0 is classified as a spiral galaxy.
  1. True
  2. False
The Hubble sequence classifies galaxies based upon their
  1. age.
  2. size.
  3. morphology.
  4. number of stars.
Which type of the galaxies listed below is not shown on the diagram?
  1. spiral
  2. irregular
  3. elliptical
  4. lenticular
Which description best fits a SBc galaxy?
  1. spiral with tightly wound arms
  2. spiral with loosely wound arms
  3. barred spiral with tightly wound arms
  4. barred spiral with loosely wound arms
From right to left, the Hubble sequence shows
  1. elliptical, lenticular, and spiral galaxies.
  2. spiral, lenticular, and elliptical galaxies.
  3. elliptical, irregular, and spiral galaxies.
  4. spiral, irregular, and elliptical galaxies.
The major difference between an E3 galaxy and an E7 galaxy is
  1. E3 is more elliptical in shape than E7.
  2. E7 is more elliptical in shape than E3.
  3. E3 has barred spiral arms and E7 does not.
  4. E7 has barred spiral arms and E3 does not.
M95 is classified as a SBb galaxy. Andromeda Galaxy is classified as Sb. The difference in classification indicates which of the following?
  1. M95 is a barred galaxy and Andromeda is not.
  2. Andromeda is a barred galaxy and M95 is not.
  3. M95 has more tightly wound spiral arms than Andromeda.
  4. Andromeda has more tightly wound spiral arms than M95.
M86 is a slightly elliptical galaxy. Based on the diagram, which would be the best classification of M86?
  1. E0
  2. E3
  3. E7
  4. S0
How is the Milky Way Galaxy currently classified on the Hubble sequence?
  1. spiral
  2. lenticular
  3. irregular
  4. elliptical
  5. barred spiral

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