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Isomers (College)

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Instructions: The following questions require drawing structural formulas of organic compounds and their isomers.

Organic molecules, such as glucose, fructose, and galactose all have the same chemical formulas but express different structures. Molecules of this type are called                     .
Which of the following isomers is associated with difference in carbon chain length?
  1. Structural isomerism
  2. Cis isomerism
  3. Trans isomerism
  4. Geometrical isomerism
UV-visible spectroscopy is used to distinguish between                and                    isomers of a compound.
Which of the following does NOT represent the name of a possible structural isomer of pentane?
  1. 2,3-dimethylpropane
  2. 3-methylbutane
  3. 2,2,-dimethylpropane
  4. 2,2,3-trimethylbutane
Which of the following does NOT describe a geometric isomer of [math]o[/math]-difluorobenzene?
  1. There is one carbon between the two substituents
  2. There are two carbons between the two substituents
  3. The substituents are adjacent to one another
  4. None of the above
Given the image shown below, what is the correct chemical name for one structural isomer of this compound, assuming that R=[math]CH_2 CH_3 [/math]?
Structural Formula - Carboxyl
  1. methyl pentanoate
  2. ethyl methanoate
  3. ethyl propanoate
  4. methyl propanoate
Based on the image shown below, what is the name of one possible isomer of this organic compound, assuming that R=[math]CH_2 CH_2 CH_2 CH_3[/math]?
Structural Formula - Aldehyde
  1. 2-pentanone
  2. pentanal
  3. methyl propyl ether
  4. 2-butanone
Which of the following organic compounds does NOT have a structural isomer?
  1. butanal
  2. ethane
  3. pentanoic acid
  4. 2-heptanone
Geometric isomers differ from structural isomers, in that geometric isomers have different                                of atoms that bonded in the same                 .
The following isomer represents cis-2-butene. Draw its geometric isomer.
Formula - Cis Butene With Text Label

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