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Vapor Pressure (Grades 11-12)

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Vapor Pressure

Instructions: Use the diagram shown in Question #1 to answer all of the questions in this worksheet.

Use the diagram shown below to answer the questions in this worksheet.
Vapor Pressure Chart
Which of the following is represented by the temperature of each of the four substances present at 101.3 kPa?
  1. standard melting point
  2. normal boiling point
  3. standard freezing point
  4. none of the above
What happens to the vapor pressure of water as the temperature increases?
  1. It increases.
  2. It decreases.
  3. None of the above.
  4. Both (a) and (b) occur, depending on the temperature.
Which of the following represents the normal boiling point of water?
  1. 101.3ºC
  2. 100 K
  3. 100ºC
  4. 101.3 K
Which of the following is the temperature of ethanoic acid at 90 kPa?
  1. 40ºC
  2. 80ºC
  3. 230ºC
  4. 115ºC
What is the vapor pressure of propanone at 50ºC?
  1. 37 kPa
  2. 160 kPa
  3. 200 kPa
  4. 80 kPa
What is the boiling point of ethanol at 150 kPa?
  1. 95ºC
  2. 90ºC
  3. 100ºC
  4. None of the above
What is the temperature of propanone at a pressure of 190 kPa?
  1. 70ºC
  2. 80ºC
  3. 75ºC
  4. 60ºC
What is the temperature of propanone at 20 kPa?
  1. 40ºC
  2. 20ºC
  3. 15ºC
  4. 55ºC
Identify the substance with the lowest vapor pressure at 70ºC.

At any given pressure, propanone has weaker intermolecular forces than water does.
  1. True
  2. False

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