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Laws of Thermodynamics (Grades 11-12)

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Laws of Thermodynamics

Instructions: Read each question carefully. Choose the answer that best fits the question. Short answer response questions must be responded to in complete sentences. If the question involves calculations, you must show all your math work.

What is the first Law of Thermodynamics?

If [math]DeltaS[/math] denotes entropy change, then what is the entropy change for a reversible adiabatic process?
  1. [math]DeltaS = 0[/math]
  2. [math]DeltaS = 1[/math]
  3. [math]Delta S < 1[/math]
  4. [math]DeltaS >1[/math]
What is the second Law of Thermodynamics?

The First Law of Thermodynamics helps you to understand the
  1. conservation of entropy.
  2. conservation of energy.
  3. perpetual motion.
  4. enthalpy.
As stated by the second law of thermodynamics, energy transformations                                                                    
  1. are never accompanied by heat returning to the universe
  2. decrease entropy of the universe
  3. increase entropy of the universe
  4. decrease randomness or disorder of the universe
  5. are always accompanied by a loss of light energy to the environment
Which of the following expressions for the change in entropy of an isothermal, irreversible process is correct, if [math]DeltaS[/math] denotes the entropy change?
  1. [math]DeltaS = 0[/math]
  2. [math]DeltaS > 0[/math]
  3. [math]DeltaS <0[/math]
  4. [math]DeltaS = 1[/math]
What is the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics?

A thermodynamic variable which depends not only on the current state of the system, but also on the path taken to reach that state, is called a
  1. state function.
  2. process function.
What is the Third Law of Thermodynamics?

Which of the following equations is used to represent the First Law of Thermodynamics for a closed system, according to the IUPAC convention?
  1. [math]DeltaU=Q+W[/math]
  2. [math]DeltaU=W-Q[/math]
  3. [math]DeltaU=Q-W[/math]
  4. [math]DeltaU=Q+2W[/math]

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