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World War I (Grade 9)

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World War I

World War I began in which year?
  1. 1923
  2. 1938
  3. 1917
  4. 1914
What event is said to have started World War I?
  1. The crowning of Queen Elizabeth.
  2. The bombing of the Lusitania.
  3. The shooting of Archduke Ferdinand.
  4. The invasion of Russia.
The alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy became known as
  1. the League of Three Emperors
  2. the Triple Alliance
  3. the Ottoman Empire
  4. The Zulus and the Germans
Triple Entente refers to the alliance between what nations?
  1. Hungary, Serbia, and Spain
  2. Morocco, Germany and Serbia
  3. France, Russia and Britain
  4. Austria, Bosnia and France
Franz Ferdinand was Archduke of what country?
  1. Serbia
  2. Russia
  3. Italy
  4. Austria
Black Hand refers to
  1. the Russian secret police
  2. the Triple Alliance
  3. the British soldiers
  4. the secret Serbian terrorist society
On August 1, Germany declared war on Russia. Why?
  1. Russia had invaded Germany.
  2. Russia had gone to Serbia's aid.
  3. Russia refused to take an opinion on the assassination.
  4. No reason. German just wanted to jump on the war-declaring bandwagon.
Which of the following was mass-produced for the first time in World War I?
  1. rifles
  2. helmets
  3. tanks
  4. nuclear weapons
How did the peace settlements affect Germany and the other defeated countries?

How did the alliance system contribute to the outbreak of conflict in Europe?
  1. Germany refused to join any European alliances.
  2. Nations pledged to intervene if an ally was attacked.
  3. Asian nations viewed the agreements as intentionally exclusive.
  4. The League of Nations did not allow allainces.
Which of the following countries was an Allied power in World War I?
  1. France
  2. Bulgaria
  3. German Empire
  4. Austria
Which weapon of World War I resulted in trench warfare and high numbers of casualties?
  1. tanks
  2. planes
  3. machine guns
  4. Flame throwers
In May 1915, a German submarine torpedoed without warning a British passenger liner called:
  1. Lindbergh
  2. La Inglesa
  3. Lusitania
  4. Merrimack
Which country surrendered in late 1917?
  1. Russia
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. United States
Which of the following was NOT imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles?
  1. large territorial losses
  2. huge demands for reparation payments
  3. barred from the Olympics forever
  4. Germany had to accept total responsibility for WWI
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