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West African Trading Empires (Grade 9)

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West African Trading Empires

One similarity between the Ancient African kingdoms of Egypt, Ghana, Mali and Songhai is that all of these kingdoms were located
  1. in mountainous areas
  2. on major trading routes
  3. in costal areas
  4. in Asia
One reason the ancient kingdoms in western Africa became wealthy was that they
  1. were located along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
  2. had no contact with the rest of the world
  3. followed the Hindu beliefs of their rulers
  4. developed extensive trade in gold and salt
The                 River was a major aid to trade for the kingdoms of Ghana and Mali.
  1. Nile
  2. Amazon
  3. Niger
  4. Congo
What was the first major trade center in West Africa?

The empires of Ghana and Mali were on the edge of the                .
  1. Gobi Desert
  2. Kalahari Desert
  3. Sahara Desert
  4. Nile River
What was the most important reason that traders traveled in caravans?
  1. Camels would not travel except in herds
  2. Traveling in groups was safer.
  3. West Africa would not admit single traders.
  4. Traveling in groups was less lonely.
Around the 10th century, the kings of Ghana converted to Islam, what as one of the effects?
  1. They forced Islam on society
  2. The commoners rebelled
  3. Relations with Muslim merchants from the North of Africa improved
  4. Native religious specialists were not able to perform their practices
What was the result of Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca?
  1. He made valuable trade contracts
  2. He introduced his empire to Islam
  3. Another kind took his throne while he was gone
  4. He discovered the value of camels.
Mansa Musa's journey to Mecca in the 1300¬ôs is evidence that
  1. Islam had a major influence on the Mali Empire
  2. the Crusades had a great influence on western Africa
  3. most African leaders were educated in the Middle East
  4. European culture was superior to the cultures of western Africa
The contributions of the ancient civilizations of Ghana, Kush, and Mali demonstrate that
  1. industrial technology was needed for African civilizations to develop
  2. advanced societies developed in Africa before Europeans colonized this region
  3. many African civilizations developed in southern Africa
  4. most of the African Continent was unified under a single political system
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