Decimal Word Problems – Multiplication (Grade 5)

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Decimal Word Problems – Multiplication

Rebecca is on the track team. For practice and exercise, she runs 2.25 miles each day. At the end of 14 days she ran 16.25 total miles.
  1. True
  2. False
Brazil nuts are on sale at $0.35 per pound. Tonya buys 0.2 pound of them. The total cost of the nuts is $0.07.
  1. True
  2. False
One pound of grapes costs $3.49. Katherine buys exactly 3 pounds of grapes. The cost of the grapes is $10.47.
  1. True
  2. False
Tiffany catches a fish that weighs 12.3 pounds. Milo catches a fish that weighs 2.5 times as much as Tiffany's fish. Milo's fish weighs 14.8 pounds.
  1. True
  2. False
Frank and Jenny are working on a science project. They need to write how much a rock that weighs 7 pounds on Earth would weigh on Mars. They know they can multiply weight on Earth by 0.38 to find weight on Mars. What number should they write down?
  1. 0.266 pound
  2. 2.66 pounds
  3. 26.6 pounds
  4. 266 pounds
Mark works at the local grocery store. He worked 15 hours this week. Last week, he worked 2.5 times as many hours as he worked this week. How many hours did he work last week?
  1. 30.5 hours
  2. 32.5 hours
  3. 35 hours
  4. 37.5 hours
Zana is in training for a race. When she trains, she runs on a path that is 1.45 miles long. Last week, she ran on this path 6 times. How many miles did Zana run on the path last week?
  1. 0.87 mile
  2. 8.7 miles
  3. 87 miles
  4. 870 miles
TJ made a shelf to store her collection of dolls on. She used 5 pieces of wood that were each 3.25 feet long. How much wood did she use in all to make the shelf?
  1. 6.25 feet
  2. 15.05 feet
  3. 15.25 feet
  4. 16.25 feet
Elizabeth is setting up a fish tank for her goldfish. The tank holds 15 gallons of water. The weight of a gallon of water rounded to the nearest tenth is 8.3 pounds. Elizabeth used this weight to calculate the weight of the water in her fish tank. Which is the weight Elizabeth would find for the water in the fish tank?
  1. 12.45 pounds
  2. 16.5 pounds
  3. 124.5 pounds
  4. 165 pounds
The Davidson's are keeping track of their family energy costs. It costs the Davidson's $0.16 per week to run their dishwasher. How much will it cost them to run their dishwasher for 52 weeks?
  1. $8.64
  2. $8.32
  3. $3.64
  4. $1.92

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