Similar Triangles (Grade 8)

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Similar Triangles

Stewart wants to enlarge a triangle with sides 3, 6, and 6 inches. The shortest side of the new triangle is 13 inches, so the length of the other two sides are 26 inches each.
  1. True
  2. False
A 9-foot ladder leans against a building 7 feet above the ground. At what height would a 15-foot ladder touch the building if both ladders form the same angle with the ground?
  1. 63 feet
  2. 78 feet
  3. 11.67 feet
  4. 23.34 feet
A flagpole casts a shadow 24 feet long. A flower standing nearby casts a shadow 3 feet long. If the flagpole is 12 feet tall, how tall is the flower?
  1. 1.5 feet
  2. 6 feet
  3. 1 foot
  4. 2 feet
Colin wants to reduce a triangular pattern with sides 16, 16, and 20 centimeters. If the longest side of the new pattern is to be 15 centimeters, how long should the other two sides be?
  1. 6 cm each
  2. 12 cm each
  3. 8 cm each
  4. 10 cm each
The first major ski slope in Gatlinburg had a rise of 9 feet vertically for every 54 feet horizontally. A second ski slope has a rise of 12 feet vertically for every 84 feet horizontally. Which of the following statements is true?
  1. The first slope is steeper than the second.
  2. Both slopes have the same steepness.
  3. The second slope is steeper than the first.
  4. This cannot be determined from the information given.
A flagpole casts a shadow 27 feet long. A person standing nearby casts a shadow 8 feet long. If the person is 6 feet tall, how tall is the flagpole?
  1. 20.25 feet
  2. 13.5 feet
  3. 48 feet
  4. 24 feet

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