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Five Themes of Geography (Grade 6)

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Five Themes of Geography

This theme refers to the way that information, people and products travel around the world
  1. human-environment interaction
  2. place
  3. movement
  4. location
  5. region
Geographers use latitude and longitude to pinpoint an exact location on the earth.
  1. place
  2. location
  3. relative location
  4. absolute location
When you describe where a country is by listing other countries and bodies of water on its borders you are using                                   .
  1. absolute location
  2. directions
  3. coordinates
  4. relative location
Which theme of geography describes a specific location using both its physical and human characteristics?
  1. Region
  2. Place
  3. Location
  4. Movement
Theme of geography that deals with how people and places are linked by communication and the flow of people, ideas and goods -- transportation, communication, trade, patterns of movement such as migration.
  1. movement
  2. place
  3. physical characteristic
  4. geography
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