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Canadian History (Grade 6)

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Canadian History

Who was the first French explorer to reach North America?
  1. Jacques Cartier
  2. Giavanni da Verrazano
  3. Samuel de Champlain
  4. Louis Joliet
Who was the English explorer who claimed part of Canada for England?
  1. Leif Ericson
  2. Henry Hudson
  3. Jacques Cartier
  4. Samuel de Champlain
The first Europeans to settle in Canada came from                   .
  1. Spain
  2. the United States
  3. England and France
  4. Holland and Sweden
The oldest city in Canada is                                 , Quebec which was founded in 1608 by                                 .
  1. Quebec City; Samuel de Champlain
  2. Quebec; Samuel Woods
  3. Quebec City; Henry Hudson
  4. Quebec City; Frank de Champlain
Who sailed over 1000 miles along the St. Lawrence River in Canada?
  1. Jacques Cartier
  2. Juan Ponce de Leon
  3. John Cabot
  4. Henry Hudson
France based its claims to territory in what is now Canada on the explorations of which of the following people?
  1. Juan Ponce de Leon
  2. Jacques Cartier
  3. John Cabot
  4. Henry Hudson
Where was the first British colony in Canada?
  1. British Columbia
  2. Newfoundland
  3. New Brunswick
  4. Manitoba
British Parliament united the colonies of Upper and Lower Canada by passing the                                  in 1840 and 1841.
Construction of the Newfoundland railway started in 1881 and was completed in 1897.
  1. True
  2. False
The                              is a document similar to the United States' Bill of Rights.
  1. Canadian Constitution
  2. Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  3. Land Act of 1982
  4. Independent Act
The territory created in 1999 as a homeland for Canada's Inuit people is                     
  1. Yukon Territory.
  2. Inuit Territory.
  3. Northwest Territory.
  4. Nunavut.
What does NAFTA stand for?

Canada's leader is called a(n)
  1. Acadian
  2. Quebecois
  3. President
  4. Prime Minister
The Canadian government includes which of the following bodies?
  1. House of Delegates
  2. House of Representatives
  3. House of Commons
  4. House of Lords
Canada has a                        type of government system.
  1. parliamentary democracy
  2. presidential democracy
  3. confederation
  4. monarchy
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