Produce Sentences with Compound Subjects (Grade 4)

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Produce Sentences with Compound Subjects

Identify the compound subject:

New Orleans and New York remain favorite tourist attractions.
  1. favorite; tourist
  2. remain; attractions
  3. New Orleans; New York
Which is a simple sentence with a compound subject?
  1. The sad movie made me cry.
  2. I along with my dad caught two big fish.
  3. Kyle and Tim built a tree house.
  4. Tim walks and Kyle runs around the track.
Which is a simple sentence with a compound subject?
  1. The beach and the mountains are great places to visit.
  2. I love to collect shells and swim when I am at the beach.
  3. My dad, who loves to hike, prefers the mountains.
  4. When can we plan a trip to the mountains?
Which is a simple sentence with a compound subject?
  1. Timothy reads and John plays sports.
  2. Timothy loves to read and also enjoys biking.
  3. Mr. Smith and his brother built a boat.
  4. Mr. Smith's brother also likes to ride motorcycles.
Select the compound subject in the following sentence.
Anna and Elsa share a strong sisterly bond.
  1. Anna
  2. Anna and Elsa
  3. share a strong bond
  4. strong sisterly bond
Combine the two sentences using a conjunction to create a sentence with a compound subject.

Busch Gardens is an amusement park. Cedar Point is an amusement park.

Combine similar sentences in the paragraph using conjunctions to create sentences with compound subjects.

The students were all so excited for summer vacation. They had a lot of vacation plans. Erica was going to the beach with her family. Jackie was also going to the beach. Others planned to go visit family. Jackson was going to New York to visit his grandparents. Paul also planned to visit his grandparents in New York. A few other students planned to have fun while staying at home. No matter what, they all planned to have fun.

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