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Mineral Terminology (Grade 8)

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Mineral Terminology

Instructions: Fill-in each blank with the term from the list that best completes the statement. Terms may be used more than once or not at all.

magnetism, density, streak, shape, fluorescence, radioactive, fracture, luster, compounds, cleavage, Mohs

                      characterizes a mineral that breaks evenly,                      describes a mineral that breaks in a unusual way.
The vast majority of minerals are                         .
              hardness scale ranks ten minerals from softest to hardest.
                  of a minerals is the color of its powder. The color may vary, its                  does not.
                  is used to describe how mineral reflects light from its surface.
No matter what size of a mineral sample, the                     of that mineral remains the same.
A mineral that splits along flat surfaces has a property called                       .
                      describes how a mineral looks when it breaks apart.
Minerals that glow under ultraviolet light have a property known as                               .
Uraninite and a few other minerals are                             .
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