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Practicing Lab Safety (Grade 6)

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Practicing Lab Safety

In the lab, science safety applies to                       .
All science classes have                          hazards.
In the case of fire hazards, use                     , tie back                          and tie back                                   .
If there is a food product involved in a lab experiment, you are allowed to eat the product once the lab is completed.
  1. True
  2. False
If you have an accident (including burns or cuts and chemicals in the mouth, eyes or skin), you don't need to report it to the teacher, provided it doesn't hurt you.
  1. True
  2. False
Never taste anything or put anything in your mouth when in the laboratory unless your teacher tells you to do so. This includes sweets, fingers and pencils, which might have picked up dangerous chemicals from the bench.
  1. True
  2. False
The responsibilities of your science teacher are to ensure which of the following safety measures? Choose ALL that apply.
  1. To provide corrosive lab materials.
  2. To provide appropriate safety equipment.
  3. To provide verbal and written safety instructions whenever needed.
  4. To provide non-safety instruction.
  5. To provide science textbooks.
Choose ALL that apply.
Wear goggles when there is/are
  1. chemicals.
  2. soap.
  3. pencils
  4. fire.
  5. sharp objects.
Choose ALL that apply.
In the case of electrical hazard, watch for                .
  1. oil
  2. water
  3. combustion
  4. chords
  5. rubber
During a laboratory experiment, your lab group runs out of a mystery element you are testing. Your teacher is helping another lab group, but you notice that the supply room door is open. What should you do?
  1. Sneak into the supply room and get some more of the element. Do not tell the teacher because you were not doing anything wrong, and there was not a reason to worry your teacher.
  2. Walk into the supply room and get some more of the element. Then tell the teacher what you have done when he is finished helping the other group.
  3. Raise your hand, and wait for the teacher to help you.
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