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Microscope Care and Use (Grade 10)

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Microscope Care and Use

                             are used to hold the slide on the stage so that it doesn't move when being examined.
The                       is where you look through with your eye and is magnification of 10X.
Slides are placed on the                  to be observed.
The                                              is used to change from one objective lens to another.
The              is used to safely transport the microscope from one place to another.
As magnification increases, the field of view
  1. decreases.
  2. increases.
  3. stays the same.
Under high power, which knob do you use to adjust the focus of a microscope?
  1. coarse
  2. fine
  3. ocular
  4. focus
Light microscopes
  1. can generally magnify objects at 10,000 times without blurring.
  2. typically provide higher resolution than an electron microscope.
  3. work by reflecting electrons of the surface of an object being studied.
  4. use light and glass lenses to magnify the image of an object.
  5. are generally not used to view eukaryotic cells.
The proper method for carrying a microscope is to place
  1. one hand on the neck and one on the base.
  2. both hands on the base.
  3. both hands on the arm.
  4. only one hand to prevent fingerprints and smudges.
If the ocular lens is 10x and the objective is 5x, what is the total magnification?

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