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Coin Word Problems (Grade 1)

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Coin Word Problems

Answer the following questions about money. Select the letter next to the correct answer.
Rachel had 2 dimes, 4 nickels, and 2 pennies. How much money did she have all together?
  1. 242 cents
  2. 42 cents
  3. 422 cents
  4. 42 dollars
Jacques had three pennies, six dimes, and a quarter. How much money did he have?
  1. 88 cents
  2. 8 dollars
  3. 10 cents
  4. 83 cents
A pencil costs 35 cents. An eraser costs 20 cents. How much is it to buy both?
  1. 40 cents
  2. 60 cents
  3. 50 cents
  4. 55 cents
If you have a nickel, two quarters, a dime, and 7 pennies, what coins do you need to make 75 cents?
  1. a quarter
  2. two dimes
  3. three pennies
  4. four nickels
If you have a dime and four pennies and you have a total of 19 cents, what other coin do you have?
  1. a penny
  2. a nickel
  3. a dime
  4. a quarter
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