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Time Word Problems (Grade 4)

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Time Word Problems

The International Space Station takes 644 minutes to orbit Earth 7 times. About how long does each orbit take?
  1. 80 minutes
  2. 90 minutes
  3. 95 minutes
  4. 100 minutes
Lisa practiced her flute for 4 hours last week. How many minutes did she practice?
  1. 60 minutes
  2. 240 minutes
  3. 120 minutes
  4. 30 minutes
Xavier's clock reads 10:09. It is 12 minutes fast. What time should Xavier reset the clock to in order to show the correct time?
  1. 9:48
  2. 9:57
  3. 10:12
  4. 10:21
Lisa needed to go to the library. It takes 20 minutes to get to the library on the bus. The bus arrives at the stop at 11:05 am. What time did Lisa arrive at the library?
  1. 12:05 am
  2. 11:25 am
  3. 11:20 pm
  4. 12:25 pm
Josh practiced his drums two hours before dinner and three hours after dinner. How many hours did he practice in all?
  1. 3 hours
  2. 4 hours
  3. 5 hours
  4. 6 hours
Carrie's coach asked her to run to the end of the field and back. It took her 23.4 seconds to run to the end and 50.9 seconds to run back. How many seconds did the whole trip take?
  1. 74.3
  2. 84.3
  3. 73.13
  4. 27.5
Chris and Matthew are trying to get to the basketball game fifteen minutes early to make sure they can get good seats. The ball game begins at 7:00. It takes them 30 minutes to get there. What time do they need to leave in order to arrive fifteen minutes early?

Kenneth practiced his trumpet each day from Monday through Friday. He practiced for 10 minutes on Monday and 25 minutes on each of the other days. How many minutes did he practice in all?

Tommy has a doctor's appointment at 4:45. He needs 15 minutes to get ready and 20 minutes to drive. At what time does Tommy need to get ready?

Lucia and her family left her house to go to the beach at 5:35 am. They got to the beach at 9:40 am. How long did it take for them to travel from their house to the beach?

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