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Bodies of Water Vocabulary (Grade 6)

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Bodies of Water Vocabulary

Instructions: Use the word bank below to fill-in-the-blanks.

base level; delta; point bar; eutrophication; wetland; meandering stream; braided stream; floodplain; load; drainage basin

A                                    has bars, islands, and river channels.
                                   is an increase in nutrients and sediments in a lake.
The area of land drained by a stream is called the                                   .
               is the earth material carried by a stream.
A                                         is a type of stream that usually develops on low slopes and carries fine sediment.
                        is piles of sand and gravel deposited on the inside bend of a meandering stream.
The                            is part of the stream valley covered by water during a flood.
The lowest level that a stream flows into is the                           .
An area of land covered with water during at least some part of the year is called a                     .
A                 is formed when sediments are deposited in the water where a stream empties into a base level body of water.
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