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Decimal Word Problems – Money (Grade 5)

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Decimal Word Problems – Money

Tayelor paid $35.01 to buy 9 hot dogs. How much did each hot dog cost?

A shop keeper bought 26 apples from a fruit vendor for $37.70. How much did each apple cost?

Van bought cosmetic items which cost $78.12 in total. She gave $100 to the shop keeper. How much does she receive as change?

Tory bought 3 shirts which cost $12.30, $34.23 and $23.19 respectively. How much did he need to pay rounded to the nearest dollar?

Khambren bought twenty-seven, $0.39 stamps and 2 envelopes that cost $0.25 each. How much did he spend in all?

Casine bought two sandwiches for $4.75 each, a bag of chips for $1.70, and 2 drink for $1.75 each. The tax was $0.65. He gave the cashier $20.00. How much change should Casine have received?

Coach Green bought 4 new baseballs for $7.92 each. Coach Becnell bought 7 new basketballs for $12.25 each. How much more did Coach Becnell spend than Coach Green?

Kylah saved $42.72 in June, $17.50 in July, and $36.28 in August. Then Kylah spent $17 on school supplies and $57 on new clothes. How much money does Kylah have left rounded to the nearest dollar?

Charnae wants to buy a jump rope that costs $5.99, a board game that costs $10.50, and a playground ball that costs $3.75. She has saved $5.32 from her allowance, and her uncle gave her $2.50. How much more money does Charnae need to buy the jump rope, the game, and the ball?

Katy is selling lemonade for $2.45 per cup. How much money would she get if she sold 30 cups?

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