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Regions of the United States (Grade 5)

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Regions of the United States

Which region stretches from Southern New England to Texas and contains many swamps, marshes, and lagoons?
  1. Intermontane West
  2. Coastal Plain
  3. Southwestern
  4. Midwest
This region is on the Eastern United States. It is almost 2,000 miles long and it extends from Maine to Alabama. Which region is it?
  1. Appalachian Highlands
  2. Pacific West
  3. Rocky Mountains
  4. Interior Lowlands
Which region covers the center of the United States, has a humid climate, and flat land?
  1. Midwest
  2. Mid-Atlantic
  3. Appalachian Highlands
  4. Interior Lowlands
This region is a large flat, fairly dry area between the Rocky Mountains and the Interior Lowlands. It's known as the grasslands of North America. Which region is it?
  1. Appalachian Highlands
  2. Pacific West
  3. Coastal Plain
  4. Great Plains
This region stretches 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico. Which region is it?
  1. New England
  2. Mr. Hill's region
  3. Rocky Mountain
  4. Intermontane West
This is a region of mountains and valleys bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Extremely hot, cold, dry, and rainy climates are found here. What region is it?
  1. Midwest
  2. Intermontane West
  3. Pacific West
  4. Hollywood
The following is true of the Great Plains region:
  1. It is drained by the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers
  2. It is full of rich farmland
  3. It is rich with cattle and grains
  4. all of the above
Which US region is the largest and the smallest respectively?
  1. West and Northeast
  2. Midwest and Northeast
  3. Midwest and South
In which region of the US is Florida located?
  1. Northeast
  2. Southeast
  3. Midwest
  4. West
What five states makeup the region known as "Tornado Alley"?

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