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Microbiology of Disease (Grades 11-12)

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Microbiology of Disease

Which is NOT an example of a microbial symbiosis?
  1. bacteria in the human colon
  2. tapeworm in the cow intestine
  3. bacteria passing through the placenta
  4. protozoans found within termites
What happens to newborn babies when they are exposed to other family members?
  1. They become infected with disease.
  2. They become parasitized with deadly pathogens.
  3. They become contaminated and grow their own microbiota.
  4. They become colonized with hazardous foreign objects.
How does a person acquire a nosocomial disease?
  1. from being bitten by an infected insect
  2. from being inside a health care facility
  3. from using a contaminated needle
  4. from having unprotected sexual intercourse
Which disease can be reduced with improved public sanitation measures?
  1. cholera
  2. HIV
  3. hepatitis
  4. rabies
Normal pathogens may cause disease if they are introduced into the body through an usual method and into an unusual site.
  1. True
  2. False
How can Legionnaire's disease be diagnosed?
  1. Common growth media can be used to see its characteristic growth.
  2. Fluorescent antibody procedures can be used.
  3. Staining of the bacterium can be seen under a microscope.
  4. Various microbial agents can be applied to see how it reacts.
Which is considered a zoonotic disease?
  1. trench fever
  2. rabbit fever
  3. brucellosis
  4. bartonellosis
When one contracts pneumonia due to the Klebsiella bacterium, symptoms often involve destruction of the                        and the production of bloody sputum.
Why are many fungal diseases difficult to treat?

Which form is the infectious stage of a beef tapeworm for humans?
  1. gravid proglottids in the feces
  2. cysticerci in the beef
  3. larvae in the feces
  4. mature worm
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