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The Immune System (Grades 11-12)

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The Immune System

Which gland regulates the development of the immune system?
  1. thyroid
  2. thymus
  3. pancreas
  4. pineal
Which statement about innate and adaptive defenses is false?
  1. Defense mechanisms involve recognition of self from non-self.
  2. Adaptive responses are usually the body's first defense mechanism.
  3. The skin is an example of an innate defense mechanism.
  4. Innate defenses are usually quicker to act than adaptive defenses.
Where do T cells mature?
  1. thymus
  2. lymph nodes
  3. bone marrow
  4. spleen
Which cell is NOT considered a type of leukocyte?
  1. platelet
  2. neutrophil
  3. monocyte
  4. macrophage
If you were infected by a pathogen, what would be the most likely response?
  1. Lysozyme production would increase.
  2. The flow of mucus would increase.
  3. T cells would conduct phagocytosis of the pathogen.
  4. T cells would recognize the infected cells in the body.
Which cells are not considered a type of phagocyte?
  1. dendritic cells
  2. T cells
  3. basophils
  4. eosinophils
When traveling to a tropical region for the first time, it is likely you will come into contact with diseases and pathogens you have never encountered before. As a result, you will need to rely heavily on your                    immunity for protection.
A vaccination is an inoculation of antigenic proteins that do not cause a disease to occur.
  1. True
  2. False
Which cells release histamines when tissues are damaged?
  1. mast cells
  2. B lymphocytes
  3. macrophages
  4. monocytes
You have just gotten a splinter in your hand. Explain what happens during the inflammatory and wound-healing response that occurs.

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