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Factors of Life (Grade 10)

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Factors of Life

What characteristics must something express in order tone considered living?

Which of these is considered the smallest unit of life?
  1. matter
  2. cell
  3. compound
  4. atom
How are the characteristics of life dependent upon each other? (give an example using at least two of the characteristics of life)

Which of these would be considered a living organism?
  1. the virus that causes ebola
  2. a rock found in the driveway
  3. the mold that appears on old bread
  4. a fatty acid found in a lipid
While on another planet, a scientist has discovered a pile of objects sitting on the surface. Which of these is a test she could do to determine if they are living creatures?
  1. Poke them with a stick to see if they respond.
  2. Determine the color they appear in the sunlight
  3. Calculate the air temperature in which they are existing.
  4. Count the number of individual objects there are in the pile.
A living organism's ability to maintain a stable internal environment is called                             .
Reproduction that occurs by an organism without fertilization and results in offspring that are identical to itself is called                                                 .
Scientists argue that all living things are related to each other, even if it is very distantly. Which of these provides evidence for this claim?
  1. All organisms have a universal genetic code.
  2. All organisms are made from one or more cells.
  3. All organisms have the ability to respond when a stimulus is present.
  4. All organisms can change over time when the environment changes.
Over a long time, if the organism in the image were to change its coloration darker to help it better hide from predators, that would be evidence that this organism is alive.
Pictograph - Adult Butterfly
  1. True
  2. False
Prepare an argument to defend a position as to whether or not the object in the image is or is not a living thing.
Common Virus

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