Finding and Using Sources (Grade 8)

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Finding and Using Sources

If you are writing a paper on animal rights and you use information fron a web site produced by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which web site evaluation criterion is most important to consider?
  1. Related links
  2. Bias
  3. URL/Domain (, edu,.gov,.mil,.net,.org
  4. Currency
Using effective key words is critical to successful research. Which word below would NOT be helpful for locating information about teen psychology?
  1. Adolescent psychology
  2. Teenage mental health
  3. Teen habits
  4. Youth psychology
Why is it necessary to cite the sources you use?
  1. To avoid committing plagiarism
  2. To give credit to the work of the original authors or creators
  3. Because my teacher requires it
  4. All of the above are correct
While writing a paper on Martin Luther King, Jr., you notice that one of your sources says he died in a different year than what is given in another source of yours. What do you NOT do?
  1. Consider the publisher of the source
  2. Pick the source you like best
  3. Continue researching to see what other sources say
  4. Decide if the conflict of information is critical to the assignment
You are writing a report on Cleopatra. Which source below will provide the most authoritative information on your topic?
  1. The Shakespeare play, "Antony and Cleopatra"
  2. Personal web page created by a fan of Cleopatra
  3. "Discovering Collection," one of the library's databases
  4. Wikipedia entry on Cleopatra
If you want to find books about Shakespeare's life and times, what kind of catalog search should you try?
  1. Author search
  2. Subject search
  3. Title search
After unsuccessfully looking around the library for a book on photography,                        in order to determine the location of the book in the library.
  1. Use the Internet
  2. Use a database
  3. Use the library catalog
  4. Use Google
While researching gun control, you continuously find website articles opposing gun control. What is the next step you should take in you research?
  1. Assume that the argument against gun control is the only correct argument
  2. Locate a library database that provides credible information on opposing viewpoints
  3. Start writing the paper
  4. Look for a fiction book dealing with gun control issues

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