This printable supports Common Core ELA Standard ELA-Literacy.L.6.4 and contains Tier II Vocabulary words.

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Vocabulary Review (Grade 6)

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Vocabulary Review

Mr. Huge was very proud of his auto superstore. "We have such an EXTENSIVE selection of cars," he said, "So everyone should find a vehicle that he or she will love!"

What does the word EXTENSIVE mean?
  1. costing a lot of money
  2. large amount
  3. having no color
  4. not enough
Based on your knowledge of the prefix ex-, EXTEND means:
  1. to go out or beyond
  2. beyond ordinary
  3. to state the opposite
  4. move out of the way
A look on the face or the process of conveying how you feel:
  1. expression
  2. depression
  3. regression
  4. obsession
When you EXHAUST someone, you wear them out.
  1. True
  2. False
I                              my pain to make it seem like I was hurt worse than I actually was.
Which word means to "judge the value or worth of something"?
  1. classic
  2. evaluate
  3. search
  4. analyze
  5. helium
A mathematical problem or question is called an                       .
What does the word ENCOURAGE mean?
  1. the process of courage
  2. the need for courage
  3. the lack of courage
  4. to cause courage
The wedding that my family attended last weekend was                 and must have been very expensive to host.
  1. figurative
  2. connotative
  3. elaborate
  4. credible
What word means radical?
  1. drastic
  2. dreaded
  3. dumbfounded
The current trend in Hollywood is to re-release previously viewed films in a three-                format.
  1. dimension
  2. dimensional
  3. dimensions
  4. dimensionally
  1. unaware/forgetful
  2. to support/prove
  3. evil intent
  4. obedient
What happens when you teach a dog to be OBEDIENT?

Which word means "the source or beginning of something"?
  1. origin
  2. locate
  3. destination
  4. linguistics
My brother and I finally                 our parents that we should have cell phones.
  1. persuaded
  2. persuade
  3. persuades
  4. persuading
A prediction is making an inference about a future event based on observations and past experiences.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. a class of individuals having some common characteristics or qualities
  2. highest or higher in importance, rank or privilege
  3. a specialist or expert in genetics
  4. the act, process, or accident of varying in condition, character, or degree
A QUOTE is an original thought of your own in a paper.
  1. True
  2. False
On Halloween, you may see a lot of                       , or odd, sights.
REALISTIC stories are made up and not true to life.
  1. True
  2. False
Ancient builders used heavy stones to                 the walls of the pyramid.
  1. reinforce
  2. immortalize
  3. primitive
  4. intact
To share a story or experience:
  1. recount
  2. discount
  3. count
  4. credit
In poetry, repetition is the recurrence of the same:
  1. word only
  2. phrase only
  3. sound only
  4. word, phrase or sound
Despite all his efforts, he was never able to                 the fine reputation he had lost by that crooked deal.
  1. retrieve
  2. partition
A word with the same or similar meaning as another word is:
  1. an acronym
  2. a search term
  3. a synonym
  4. an antonym
Which is an example of a SUBSTITUTE?
  1. Hamburgers or hamburger buns
  2. Skis or snowboards
  3. Skis or ski boots
  4. Paint or paint brushes
A feeling of growing tension and excitement:
  1. decline
  2. rhyme
  3. suspense
  4. conflict
Which word means uncertain?
  1. rational
  2. savor
  3. smug
  4. tentative
The main idea of your research report is your                   .
I need to                        money from my savings account to my checking account.
We are UNANIMOUS in our decision so we will go ahead with it.
  1. unfriendly
  2. in agreement
  3. hostile
  4. in disagreement
Very unusual or extremely rare:
  1. adorn
  2. inevitable
  3. unique
  4. valor
Give an example of a VARIABLE.

Would you ever...
Knowingly VIOLATE the posted speed limit?
  1. Yes
  2. No
Which is a synonym for VIEWPOINT?
  1. Point of view
  2. Perspective
  3. Outlook
  4. All of the above

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