This printable supports Common Core ELA Standard ELA-Literacy.L.4 and contains Tier II Vocabulary words.

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Vocabulary Review (Grade 7)

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Vocabulary Review

To resign a high office:
  1. abdicate
  2. benign
  3. candid
  4. allude
I need something (rough), such as sandpaper, to smooth out this rough wood.
Which word best replaces the word in parentheses?
  1. abrasive
  2. adhesive
  3. saunter
  4. inane
  1. cutting down of trees
  2. the outcome or conclusion
  3. moving from place to place
  4. suddenly, quick and short
To admit:
  1. adorn
  2. abrupt
  3. acknowledge
  4. folly
When you get something new, you                 it.
  1. acquire
  2. lose
  3. evaluate
  4. acknowledge
Someone who is hooked on something:
  1. Lazy
  2. Addict
  3. Belligerent
  4. Punctual
Good enough:
  1. adequate
  2. agony
  3. audible
  4. brawny
To ADMONISH is to:
  1. laud
  2. warn
  3. scold gently
  4. b and c
My mom doesn't like my friends. She said I could have no                              with them or their families.
To AGITATE is to:
  1. stir up
  2. speak to
  3. ignore
  4. move through
Which is a synonym for ALLEGE?
  1. Imply
  2. Claim
  3. Deny
  4. Dishonor
                       To set apart for a special purpose.
I prefer this choice to the ALTERNATIVE.
What does ALTERNATIVE mean in this sentence?

An _____________________________ is a change to a constitution.

My little brother loved to                 me by going into my room and playing with my toys.
  1. plagiarize
  2. dishonor
  3. antagonize
  4. energize
To ATTRIBUTE is to decide where something
  1. is born.
  2. belongs.
  3. happens.
  4. lives.
What does AUTHENTIC mean?
  1. Clean
  2. Diamond
  3. Real
  4. Fake
Erica loved to BAMBOOZLE her younger brother into doing her chores so she could go out with her friends.

What does the word BAMBOOZLE most likely mean?
  1. Trick
  2. Ask
  3. Pressure
  4. Help
Based on your knowledge of the affix "belli", choose the correct definition for the following vocabulary word: BELLIGERENT
  1. an uprising among a group of people
  2. hostile or aggressive
  3. a large space for an audience
  4. a crazy mob of people
What does BEWILDER mean?
  1. amaze or confuse
  2. please greatly
  3. take a trip
  4. cook and egg
  1. Confront obstacle without giving in to fear; bravery
  2. Judgment or opinion formed beforehand against or for something
  3. Difficulties; misfortune
  4. Partiality; slanted opinion
Many colonists protested the Stamp Act with a                 of British goods.
  1. buyout
  2. boycott
  3. tariff
  4. tax
The quality of frankness or outspokenness, honesty, directness, sincerity:
  1. ditty
  2. summit
  3. candor
  4. avidly
The first CASUALTY of the war was a young man who died after driving over a land mine. What is a CASUALTY in this sentence?

What is a CAUSE?
  1. because
  2. reason it happened
  3. result of an act
  4. something that happens as a result
When you CHARACTERIZE someone, you                                 .
  1. describe them
  2. put them down
  3. write about them
  4. criticize them
Which choice refers to the sequencing of events by time?
  1. setting
  2. topic
  3. plot
  4. chronological order
What would                    you to cheat on your test?
Sometimes a defense attorney will argue that the defendant was not COMPETENT enough to have committed the crime. What does COMPETENT mean?

Which of the following is not a COMPONENT?
  1. carburetor in a motor
  2. window in a house
  3. sleeve in a shirt
  4. a basketball
If you lack CONCLUSIVE evidence, you will likely lose a court case.
  1. True
  2. False
"I think the students should be required to wear uniforms," said the principal.
"I wholeheartedly agree," replied the mother.

Which word could replace the phrase WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE?
  1. concur
  2. disagree
  3. refuse
  4. love
When you CONDEMN someone, you approve of their actions.
  1. True
  2. False
You should                 your mother and listen to what she has to say and maybe you will settle your argument.
  1. constrain
  2. depict
  3. mimic
  4. confront
The emotional or imaginative association connected to a word:
  1. connotation
  2. denotation
  3. euphemism
  4. analogy
                             numbers follow one after the other.
Before competing in the race you should                      with your coach to make sure you do your best.
What does CONTRAST mean?
  1. pleasing or appropriate
  2. a part of an area of something
  3. to largely differ
  4. pass time in sleep
The little boy ate COPIOUS amounts of candy on Halloween.
How much candy did the little boy eat?
  1. A little
  2. A handful
  3. A lot
  4. A couple pieces
When my dad goes on business trips he likes to                           , or keep in touch, by e-mail.
What is the antonym of DAWDLE?
  1. Be productive
  2. Waste time
  3. Encourage
  4. Fast
Someone who is DECEITFUL usually tells the truth.
  1. True
  2. False
Your                        is your outward behavior.
He was called a racist for making                            comments about people of another race.
The hurricane is expected to DEVASTATE the area with its high winds and heavy rainfall.

What does the word DEVASTATE most likely mean?

Many politicians are considered DEVIOUS.
  1. True
  2. False
To eat up quickly and hungrily:
  1. devour
  2. devoid
  3. detour
  4. devil
Rain forests and coral reefs are important because they have great variety, or _______________________________, of living things.

What does ELIGIBLE mean?
  1. Desirable or unsuitable; unsatisfying
  2. Desirable or suitable; satisfying
  3. Desirable or wearing suits; dissatisfying
  4. Desirable or longing for someone; resatisfying
HIGHLIGHT is a synonym of:
  1. emphasize
  2. cross-out
  3. light up
  4. hide

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