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Drawing (Grade 10)

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A drawing that concentrates primarily on the outline of the subject is referred to as a:
  1. figure drawing
  2. contour drawing
  3. gesture drawing
  4. stipple drawing
A quick sketch which usually lasts only a couple of minutes in length is called a:
  1. figure drawing
  2. contour drawing
  3. gesture drawing
  4. stipple drawing
A drawing illustrating the entire human body or parts of the human body is called a:
  1. figure drawing
  2. contour drawing
  3. gesture drawing
  4. stipple drawing
A drawing which exaggerates a selected characteristic of a person is a:
  1. form
  2. caricature
  3. shape
  4. cartoon
Perspective drawing which utilizes two vanishing points is referred to as:
  1. one-point perspective
  2. atmospheric perspective
  3. two-point perspective
  4. all of the above
Which of the following techniques can be used to make a drawing appear more three-dimensional?
  1. adding value/shading
  2. adding texture
  3. using perspective
  4. all of the above
In drawing from life, tic marks/reference marks are used to assist an artist in mapping out the correct:
  1. textures
  2. values
  3. colors
  4. proportions
This side of your brain is best equipped for drawing:
  1. right
  2. left
  3. frontal lobe
  4. stem
It is best not to name the objects you are drawing, to avoid connecting with this side of the brain:
  1. right
  2. left
  3. frontal lobe
  4. stem
This is the first step in drawing a still life:
  1. drawing contours
  2. shading your objects
  3. choosing a composition
  4. adding visual texture
A technique used in perspective drawing to accurately show how structures recede in the distance is referred to as:
  1. three-point perspective
  2. two-point perspective
  3. one-point perspective
  4. four-point perspective
This modern artist is known for creating fantastic, imaginary worlds and tesselations:
  1. Salvador Dali
  2. MC Escher
  3. Frank Lloyd Wright
  4. Vincent Van Gogh
Accuracy with in your drawing products requires:
  1. a push for speed
  2. quiet surroundings
  3. confidence and attention to each stroke, each line, and the entire canvas space from corner to corner.
  4. an expert knowledge of the copy being keyed
A drawing of a person is a                .
  1. Still life
  2. Sea scape
  3. Portrait
  4. Land scape
A rough drawing used to capture the basic elements and structure of a situation often used as the basis for a more detailed work
  1. portrait
  2. statue
  3. sketch
  4. landscape
Zentangles are designs that use lines, shapes, and patterns.
  1. True
  2. False
This work of art is dominated by several elements and principles of art. What are they?
  1. Primary colors
  2. Shapes, forms, and texture.
  3. Lines, shapes, contrast, and repetition.
  4. Landscapes, squares, black and white.
Drawing pencils have a number or letter on the side to indicate how hard or soft the graphite and it's darkness. A pencil marked as 6b has this kind of 'lead'.
  1. Hard and light.
  2. Soft and hard.
  3. Soft and dark.
  4. Hard and dark.
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