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Ballet Terms (Grade 8)

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Ballet Terms

Pirouette is a complete turn of the body on one foot on demi point or point.
  1. True
  2. False
Pique means to step directly on the point of the working foot.
  1. True
  2. False
Turnout is the ability of a dancer to turn his or her feet and legs out from the joints.
  1. True
  2. False
Grande means turn:
  1. True
  2. False
What does Plie mean?
  1. To Stretch
  2. To Move
  3. To Sit
  4. To Bend
Releve' means:
  1. to go up
  2. to go down
  3. plie
  4. rising of the body
Devant means:
  1. back
  2. side
  3. front
  4. kick
  5. turn out
A la seconde means:
  1. to the front
  2. to the back
  3. to the second
  4. holding the foot out
Demi means:
  1. Big
  2. medium
  3. small
  4. extra large
Croise means:
  1. corner
  2. front
  3. crossed
  4. out
The term "bras" refers to the moving of the:
  1. legs
  2. arms
  3. feet
  4. head
A movement in which the feet create an "escaping" or "slipping" movement.
  1. Entrechat
  2. Echappe
  3. Fouette
  4. Pas de Bouree
Any movement to the side is said to be:
  1. A la deux
  2. A la seconde
  3. A la trois
  4. A la un
A movement that is known "to chase" in second position across the floor:
  1. Degage
  2. Battement
  3. Chasse
  4. Bourree
A battement is BEST known as:
  1. an allegro step executed only at 90 degree angles
  2. a kicking movement of the leg
  3. a movement of the leg that "disengages"
  4. round of the leg
On the "neck" of the foot. The working foot is placed on the part of the leg between the base of the calf and the beginning of the ankle.
  1. Plie
  2. Passe
  3. Sur le cou-de-pied
  4. Coupe
To cut. A movement that calls for the foot to be sharply pulled off the floor and placed either in from of back of the ankle.
  1. Coupe
  2. Passe
  3. Tombe
  4. Sous sus
The French word meaning "step" is               .
Any series of movements that are executed to the front, side and back are known as                          ("the cross")
Name the two different pirouettes:

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