Winter Money Word Problems (Grade 2)

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Winter Money Word Problems

Macy wants to buy a hat that costs $4.75. She has 4 one-dollar bills. Which set of coins does she need so she has a total of $4.75?
Winter - Hat
  1. Quarter - heads
  2. Quarter - headsQuarter - heads
  3. Quarter - headsQuarter - headsQuarter - heads
  4. Quarter - headsQuarter - headsQuarter - headsQuarter - heads
It costs [math]$3.00[/math] to rent ice skates at the rink. Damon pays for the ice skates with a 5-dollar bill. How much change should Damon get back?
Winter - Skates
  1. [math]$2.00[/math]
  2. [math]$3.00[/math]
  3. [math]$4.00[/math]
  4. [math]$8.00[/math]
Amelia needs a new rope to pull her sled. New rope cost $1.00. If Amelia has 3 quarters, which statement is true about how much money she has for the rope?
Winter - Sled
  1. Amelia has the exact amount of money to buy the rope.
  2. Amelia has 25-cents less then she needs to buy the rope.
  3. Amelia has 25-cents more then she needs to buy the rope.
A stuffed snowman costs [math]$9.85[/math]. Ben buys the snowman with a 10-dollar bill. Which coins show the amount of change Ben should get back?
Winter - Snowman
  1. Nickel - headsPenny - heads
  2. Dime - headsNickel - heads
  3. Penny - headsDime - heads
  4. Nickel - headsNickel - heads
A pair of mittens costs [math]$6.00[/math]. Which set of bills equals [math]$6.00[/math]?
Winter - Gloves
  1. 6 ten-dollar bills
  2. 6 five-dollar bills
  3. 1 five-dollar bill and 1 one-dollar bill
  4. 1 five-dollar bill and 6 one-dollar bills

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