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Earth Science Review (Grade 7)

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Earth Science Review

The lines on the map mark areas of equal                .
Weather Map
  1. salinity
  2. pressure
  3. elevation
  4. temperature
Which of the following is an important difference between climate and weather?
  1. Climate describes daily rainfall in an area.
  2. Climate describes wind and sky conditions.
  3. Climate often has a "right here right now" flavor.
  4. Climate often describes a wide geographic area.
Which of the following are the two main sources of oxygen in the air we breathe?
  1. volcanoes and animals
  2. animals and phytoplankton
  3. green plants and volcanoes
  4. phytoplankton and green plants
Layer C is called the                       and it is the                       of the atmospheric layers.
Atmosphere Without Text Labels
  1. mesosphere; coldest
  2. stratosphere; coldest
  3. mesosphere; hottest
  4. stratosphere; hottest
The diagram shows a                      front which is often associated with                     .
Weather - Warm Front
  1. cold; precipitation
  2. warm; precipitation
  3. cold; dry conditions
  4. warm; dry conditions
What is the source of energy for the water cycle?
  1. gravity
  2. transpiration
  3. the oceans
  4. the Sun
On the water cycle diagram, an example of condensation is shown at point                 and an example of evaporation is shown at point                .
Water Cycles
  1. B; K
  2. D; G
  3. K; D
  4. G; B
As time goes by, and water goes through the water cycle again and again, the amount of water on Earth mostly
  1. increases.
  2. decreases.
  3. stays the same.
  4. goes up and down.
Which cycle is primarily represented by the diagram?
Subduction Zone
  1. life cycle
  2. rock cycle
  3. water cycle
  4. carbon cycle
Where would the type of volcano shown be most likely to form?
Volcano - Stratovolcano - Small
  1. mantle hot spot
  2. subduction zone
  3. divergent boundary
  4. transform boundary
Which letter on the diagram shows where Earth's magnetic field is generated?
Layers Of The Earth
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
Volcanism, tectonics, and erosion are all                       .
  1. astronomical events
  2. geological processes
  3. biological adaptations
  4. atmospheric conditions
What is the best way to describe Earth's crust?
  1. Always moving
  2. Moves very rarely
  3. Never moves
  4. Moves only during earthquakes
Which scientific theory is best represented by the diagram?
Fault - Thrust
  1. Big Bang
  2. Evolution
  3. Plate Tectonics
  4. Continental Drift
This rock is most likely                          because it is                         .
Rock - Metamorphic - Slate
  1. igneous; foliated
  2. igneous; nonfoliated
  3. metamorphic; foliated
  4. metamorphic; nonfoliated
During which season are smog concentrations generally greatest?
  1. spring
  2. summer
  3. autumn
  4. winter
The Air Quality Index indicates air pollution levels as shown below:

0 - 50 Good
51 - 100 Moderate
101 - 150 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
151 - 200 Unhealthy
201 - 300 Very Unhealthy

The weather report states an air quality index of 110. Which recommendation would be best for children with asthma on this day?
  1. play outside as long as they want
  2. limit the amount of time they are outside
  3. do not go outside under any circumstances
Which cycle most likely includes photosynthesis, respiration, industrial pollutants, and fossil fuels?
  1. water cycle
  2. carbon cycle
  3. oxygen cycle
  4. nitrogen cycle
Which of the following sources of energy is considered an alternative resource?
  1. geothermal
  2. fossil fuels
  3. petroleum
  4. nuclear
Many cities are taking actions to cause less harm to the environment. Which action produces energy from an alternative source?
  1. Burning coal to heat homes.
  2. Using biofuels to generate electricity.
  3. Replacing lawns with plants that require less water.
  4. Building a new water-treatment plant to improve water quality.
A tide is a                 rise and fall of sea level.
  1. daily
  2. monthly
  3. weekly
  4. yearly
What is represented by the diagram shown?
Neap Tide 2
  1. neap tide
  2. spring tide
  3. solar eclipse
  4. lunar eclipse
When the north end of Earth's axis is tilted toward the Sun, what will North America experience?
  1. more indirect rays and shorter days
  2. more indirect rays and longer days
  3. more direct rays and shorter days
  4. more direct rays and longer days
During a solar eclipse, the shadow of                 falls on                .
  1. Earth; the Sun
  2. the Sun; Earth
  3. Earth; the Moon
  4. the Moon; Earth
Day and night are caused by
  1. the tilt of Earth's axis.
  2. Earth's revolution around the Sun.
  3. eclipses.
  4. Earth's rotation on its axis.

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